Will Mike Bloomberg run for President in 2016?

Then-NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 2007.  Independent for President, 2016?  Photo courtesy of Rubenstien

Then-NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 2007. Independent for President, 2016? Photo courtesy of Rubenstein

A few weeks back, around Election Day, I mused on the vilification of third party candidates in national elections as so-called “spoilers.”

One prominent example I used was independent Eliot Cutler’s presence in Maine’s gubernatorial race, mostly to highlight the scapegoat quality these candidates inherit regardless of a ballot’s final results.

But wait – it gets better.

In all the hubbub from midterms, and the pundit round tables of how its outcome will affect Hillary Clinton’s alleged inevitable coronation, many ignored reports from earlier this year speculating on an independent run for the White House by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The stories included a categorical denial by Bloomberg that he would run – the consummate “sure thing” from a politician (sarcasm duly noted)

I discussed the dynamics of Bloomberg mounting a challenge in my weekly Portland Sun column, “Will Mike Bloomberg be 2016’s Eliot Cutler?”


Personally, I’m not sure why anyone would WANT to be President, other than a pure ego stroke. Particularly someone like Bloomberg, who can fritter away more money in one hour than I’ll ever make my entire life.

Still, the very thought of how much Mike running would irritate the Beltway establishment makes me giddy.

The two-party system, on one level or another, has failed most Americans. Bloomberg, who can easily self finance the largest campaign in our history, could make things interesting – just by making the other two candidates sweat.

And even if I might not vote for Mike, I’d still pay good money to see THAT.

How about you?

Telly Halkias

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